Ground improvement involves the modification of soil properties or constructing inclusions within the soil to achieve a required performance. Keller’s experience in providing optimal ground improvement solutions spans in Australia is unrivalled.

Common Uses

  • Increase bearing capacity
  • Decrease settlement
  • Decrease permeability
  • Reduce liquefaction potential
  • Increase slope stability
  • Collapse or fill voids
  • Accelerate surcharging

The mechanism of achieving ground improvement varies by technique and soil conditions. Densification by means of vibration or displacement is an effective means of improving granular soils. Reinforcement involves constructing or inserting stiff elements within a soil mass to create an improved composite material. Soil can be improved by adding cementitious materials by either permeation in granular soils or mixing in all soil types. The insertion of vertical drains decreases the amount of time it takes soils to settle and strengthen when subjected to a surcharge load.

Voids can cause overlying structures to settle. Compaction grouting, mine fill or bulk fill grouting, and other specialized grouting techniques permanently fill voids. Keller has experience with the full range of void filling techniques to stop mine subsidence and stabilise sinkholes.