Our team has recently arrived to Diego Garcia, a remote island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where we are installing Franki piles for new infrastructure

Diego Garcia Franki piles

Leased by the US Government from the UK, Diego Garcia serves as a military base for the US Navy. Keller has secured the piling for new infrastructure works, but just how will we get our people and plant to site from Australia, especially during Covid conditions…

The island is closed to the public, so our team was required to gain approval from the USA, UK and Australian governments to obtain permits to travel there by a chartered jet!

Our team, Dean Brindle, Warren Scannella, Colin Jones, Damien Foster and Liam Parker have all arrived safely and are completing their 14 days in isolation to emerge in time to off-load the rig and equipment, that are still at sea.

We are really proud of our teams for working with the Covid challenges to ensure a safe arrival of our people.

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