The Atlas pile is a unique “screw” shaped displacement pile. It is designed to take maximum advantage of all available soil capacity by displacing the soil rather than replacing it. The Atlas pile is a concrete cast in situ pile installed with new generation high torque hydraulic piling rigs. Piles up to 30m can be installed in a single pass. Minimal spoil is produced by Atlas piles, and they are effectively vibration free.

Atlas piles

Common uses

Founding in areas where a good geotechnical bearing layer exists above a softer lower layer
Contaminated soils
Natural reactive soils


The Atlas head to attached to a hollow stem driving bar, the atlas head has a thread shape cutting face, the head is advanced at specified pitch which is monitored & recorded using real time telemetry on the down stroke.  Once the required design criteria has been reached, concrete is introduced through the hollow stem as the head is withdrawn at the specified pitch forming a screw shaped pile in the soil.


No vibration displacement pile
Greater capacity for the same depth than other similar techniques
Very little spoil which makes it ideal for contaminated sites / natural reactive soils
Efficient for resisting tension loads

Quality assurance

  • On board telemetry and remote monitoring of all the key functions that affect the quality of the product
  • A full record of the installation is reviewed against physical on site measuring to ensure correct calibration
  • The completed piles can be integrity, dynamic load and/or static load tested to validate the design load was achieved