Ductile piles are a deep foundation method using the displacement technique with prefabricated piles made of ductile cast iron available in 118 mm and 170 mm diameters with different wall thickness.

As well as open site works these piles have been used in locations that it has been difficult to either access or get permission to install larger elements, adjacent to bridge/overpass foundations, where structures have been sensitive to vibration. They are also particularly suitable to restricted access sites, as they can be installed using a traditional excavator.

Ductile iron piles

Common uses

Residential, industrial and commercial buildings
Foundations for pipelines
Storage tanks and terminals
Bridge constructions
Pylons for electricity, cellular transmitters
Can be grouted with mortar to take tension loads as well or to counteract corrosion


A driving shoe is placed after preparation of the working platform and pre excavation of the footings. The ductile pipes are about 5 metres long and formed with a shock sleeve. The first pipe is installed into the driving shoe and then one pipe after the other fixed together and driven down until driving criteria is reached.

If there are grouted piles to perform, the first pipe is cut close to the driving shoe so that the mortar is able to full fill the free space between the pipe and the soil performed by a larger diameter of the driving shoe. Diameters from 200 mm up to 370 mm are typical depending on the soil conditions

Directly after installing the piles, the pile heads designed as steel load spreading plates are placed on the ductile pipes.


No spoil
Excellent corrosion resistance of ductile cast iron
Low mobilisation costs
Fast mobilisation due to lightweight compact equipment
Limited platform preparation
Piles can be rated to verticalities in excess of 1:1 rake to resist lateral loads
Manufactured with 100% recycled scrap metal
Piles are trimmed at cut off level on completion reducing follow on works

Quality assurance

TRM ductile piles are available in standard sizes and with constant quality in compliance with EU Standards.

PDA pile testing is a rapid, efficient and cost effective method of determining pile capacity. Static testing can also be carried out if required.