Impact rolling compacts the ground through the rotation of a non-circular rolling module delivering insitu compaction with significant densification and strength improvement.

Impact rolling

Common uses

Collapsing sands, coal stockpiles
Filled sites - reclaimed land, landfills
Former industrial sites
Agricultural sector
Rock rubblising on mine tips


The square impact rollers are  towed behind a tractor running at speeds of 10-12km/h.  A number of passes are undertaken to ensure the compacting energy is applied evenly across the treatment area.


High productivity
Cost and environmental benefits
Early identification of soft spots
In-situ compaction can eliminate excavation of existing fill

Quality assurance

Testing can be simple and direct, specialised and sophisticated, intrusive or non-intrusive:

  • Settlement monitoring - a robust means of verifying impact roller effectiveness
  • “effective refusal” indicates maximum effect