Read about Dylan, his experiences as an apprentice Boilermaker and how his career development is looking.

Working photo of Dylan welding

Hi, my name is Dylan and I’m an apprentice boilermaker in the Mentone yard. I’m due to qualify in November 2020 and pretty excited to receive my trade certificate and qualify as a Tradesman. Keller has been an amazing help with my training and education. There has always been someone willing to take the time and show me something. I  have received additional opportunities to complete my dogman ticket, forklift licence and a few more which expanded my work experience and contribution to the yard operations. Everyone in the Mentone yard has been really supportive and always helped me. Phil Stroker in particular, has been a massive help and mentor, showing me how to do things and taking time to explain tasks, teaching me a lot about tooling, welding and how to preform my tasks safely.

Initially I was never sure what career I wanted. I started with Keller gaining experience as a fitter and then moved to the boilermakers section and never left. That was 4 years ago now. I can definitely see myself staying in this field. I love welding and fabrication and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Although a lot of what we do is maintenance, I always enjoy getting to fabricate new augers and drill heads. Technically there’s a lot that goes into them and always a lot of welding. My most memorable task to be part of was the overhaul of a Franki walker rig, especially watching it get unloaded from the truck. I definitely would encourage younger generations to take a Keller apprenticeship. Keller provides heaps of great opportunities that most places don’t offer. Hopefully many more years at Keller ahead... 

Photo Dylan Elmes
Photo of Dylan Elmes and Phil Stroker
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