Inspired by International Men’s Day we are recognising our amazing men! Brenton has been nominated as one of our positive business role models.

International men's day - Brenton O'Loughlin nominee

“Brenton has come back to Keller in the middle of a global Pandemic. Not only is he adapting to the changes at Keller from his time away from the organisation, but he has also had to adapt to running a state and a team whilst working from home and in a new virtual and isolated world. He is a continuous positive employee who always thinks of his employees and teams and has provided friendly and supportive guidance when required. He doesn’t just see the ‘I’ in team but utilises and communicates with other divisions and does what is best for Keller. Brenton is calm and collected and is a friendly and approachable face to all. Melbourne has suffered the worst from this pandemic, however the state continues to strive for excellence which is shown in the projects awarded and the teamworking in the Victorian team. The prolonged isolation has been a challenge to all, but especially to those in Victoria who have been confined to their homes for such a long period of time. I would like to show my recognition for the whole team in Victoria for their continued excellence and hard work throughout this pandemic.”

Laura Crawshaw
Human Resources Manager


Inspirational effort made by Brenton during an incredibly challenging year. Thank you for your leadership and dedication, while supporting Victoria through complex restrictions.


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