Vertical and raked multi-strand ground anchors are providing the high load capacities needed to allow larger cruise ships to dock at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney, NSW.

Overseas Passenger Terminal

The project

With cruise ships visiting Sydney growing larger, it was necessary to extend the city’s Overseas Passenger Terminal wharf by 60m and build a new northern  mooring dolphin just off-shore. Keller working in partnership with Waterway Constructions, designed and installed ground anchors to allow for the higher mooring loads.

The challenge

The main challenge for the works was the installation of the 30m long, vertical and raked multi-strand anchors over water on the small, restricted site, without    disrupting cruise ships using the terminal.

The solution

Anchors were installed from a cantilevered platform on top of the wharf and the mooring dolphin, with a 100t crane used to lift the anchors into position. Thirteen    anchors were installed, each up to 30m long, with a maximum tensile working capacity approaching 2,000kN. Planning of works was crucial, to make the best use of space around the mooring lines, with due consideration given to tidal conditions and cruise ship schedules.

Project facts


Waterway Constructions

Keller business unit(s)

Keller Australia

Main contractor(s)

Sydney Ports Corporation