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Photo from St Albans LXRP

The project

The St Albans level crossings were some of Melbourne's most dangerous level crossings. This project involved removing the both Main Road Crossing as well as the Furlong Road Crossing, lowering the rail line beneath the two roads as part of a wider redevelopment of the station precincts. Keller was engaged to install the retention piles for the two rail underpasses, as well as foundation piles for associate structures including pedestrian bridges, gantry and signal structures. The contract involved installing about 500 bored piles, 600mm and 750mm diameter, in high-strength basalt.  The work had to be completed during critical rail shutdowns that required 24/7 work with multiple work groups working in multiple areas and complying with VicRoads Standards.

The challenge

The difficulty of drilling in high-strength basalt was compounded by the need to work to tight timeframes, sometimes 24/7 during critical rail shutdowns; and working in close proximity to live rail in a tight rail corridor. This meant working with rail protocols, including stopping as trains approached and passed the work area. Keller managed multiple rigs and crews and maintained high standards throughout the project.

The solution

Keller was able to provide an experienced team for the project, including a number of skilled people with many years working in similar conditions. We formed a good working relationship with the client, which meant we were able to work efficiently and effectively., This relationship was key, because it meant the client was able to prepare areas for us to work in ahead of time, ensured we were able to have full continuity of work which enabled us to work as efficiently as possible. We were also able to use suitable equipment, such as rigs that were powerful enough to drill the hard rock, yet manoeuvrable enough to work with the space constraints of the rail corridor. Finally, we were able to access online technology that allowed us to upload data in a timely manner for checking and verification.

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